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Kotna / Salmon

22 ★ INFJ ★ they/them
neutral good ★ libra ★ sylph of heart

I never know what to say about myself. It feels like I don't really know myself yet, I'm still trying to understand and find who I am, but I guess so is everyone else. I'm pretty sure most people don't know who they actually are.

Based on what my friends say, I'm a somewhat chill and caring person. A mom friend. Someone shy who is hard to approach but easy to talk to when they open up. Full of chaotic thoughts and ideas that I don't do anything about 90% of the time. People that are friends with me sometimes say that I'm full of surprises and honestly idk, maybe. I also possess a personality disorder but I won't tell which one.

I'm studying English philology so that's something interesting I think? I wish I could know and speak every language in the world but with my aversion to studying it's probably impossible for now.

I do art, programming and graphic design (doesn't mean that I'm good at it lol). Fighting executive dysfunction in my free time.

Here's my kinlist (I don't take kinning too seriously):

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