Release date: July 26, 1983
Number of tracks: 11
1. Who Do You Want To Be
2. Good For Your Soul
3. No Spill Blood
4. Cry of The Vatos
5. Fill The Void
6. Sweat
7. Nothing Bad Ever Happens
8. Wake Up (it's 1984)
9. Dead or Alive
10. Pictures of You
11. Little Guns
Fun fact, "Cry of the Vatos" isn't only just a song that has actual meaning when you listen to it in reverse, but it came to existence because the band was fucking around with new music equipment, so that's fun.
Truly an underrated album. If I had to make a tierlist of OB albums, this one would be either S or A tier. Would be my favourite Oingo Boingo album if So-Lo (which theoretically isn't an Oingo Boingo album but it is) and Nothing To Fear didn't exist. And goodness gracious if they put on this album all the demo songs they made for it... "All the pieces" and "Waiting for you" are just way too good to be forgotten like this but I get them. It's actually interesting that most of my favourite unreleased songs were supposed to be on this one. There's just something about the vibe of this album that makes me feel alive. I relate so much to the lyrics and the sounds scratch the itch in my understimulated brain. I guess I could say that it's good for my soul. If I managed to get my hands on a vinyl or a CD of this album, I'd eat it.