Release date: June 19, 1981
Number of tracks: 10
1. Little Girls
2. Perfect System
3. On The Outside
4. Capitalism
5. You Really Got Me
6. Only A Lad
7. What You See
8. Controller
9. Imposter
10. Nasty Habits
The first "official" Oingo Boingo album. Probably the most talked about because it's seen as a bit controversial. But as Danny Elfman himself stated, this album is satire and isn't meant to be taken seriously. And it makes fun of everyone on purpose. The artwork on the cover is a parody of the "Boy Scouts of America" 1960 official handbook cover.
Hehehe I own a CD of this one. The album that I listened to when I first got into Oingo Boingo. Honestly a good album to start with and one of my favourite albums but everytime it's misunderstood (which is very often) it makes my blood boil. ESPECIALLY when it's about "Little Girls", since not everyone knows the context of this song and usually noone cares about the context. They just comment on what they see on the surface level. They never think that maybe, just maybe, it's SATIRE and it doesn't glorify what this song is about. Quick google search, one 2 minute long wikipedia page reading and it's all explained so I won't be explaining it myself. Everytime I listen to any song from this album, I instantly feel better and more motivated to do things. It makes me really happy.