Added some new things to the cat gallery + fixed a bit how it looks.
Started working on the projects section.
Deleted the blog because I'm done with it. I tend to overshare a bit too much, sorry, it indirectly worsens my mental health ^_^
FINALLY made an "about me" page but it's still a work in progress. I need to fix some things about it and add some actual info about me.
Working on an Oingo Boingo thing. I only wrote about two albums and I'm probably going to change it later, but I'm satisfied with how it looks for now.
Busy rearranging things on the main page and fixing some things. Changing the structure a bit including the aesthetic. Destruction :thumbsup:
Created the blog so I can dump my thoughts and rants on here if I want to.
Revamping the site completely because I didn't like it anymore.
Deleted the simplified mobile version LOL
Made the simplified mobile version of the site
FINALLY made the welcoming page I guess. Why didn't I do this sooner wtf sigh. Started working on the friends section
Fixed some insignificant stuff and added the userboxes (help)
I kinda broke it because I wanted to fix the code LMAO. I made this box thingy, added the cat page and I'm fixing stuff in general :)
I created this site :debil:
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